Thursday, 27 November 2014

Early rain meant I didn't get out on my patch until gone 08:00hrs and I was off to the reserve at Bough Beech Reservoir at 10:00hrs, so only a short patch visit was made today.

I headed for the lakes, via the Ashes Lane Field, where 4 MEADOW PIPITS flew up from the grass and a KESTREL was seen perched in one of the boundary trees. Their were no surprises on the lakes when I arrived, just the MUTE SWAN family, COOT pair, 4 MALLARDS and 6 MOORHENS, plus the KINGFISHER was seen again.

I walked the Scrubby Woods in the hope of finding a Woodcock for the months list, but was disappointed in that respect, but a party of LONG TAILED TITS were watched as they moved through the dripping wet trees, with them were some of the usual followers of BLUE and GREAT TITS, plus a TREECREEPER, a COAL TIT and a GOLDCREST, just 2 BULLFINCHES were seen feeding on the old Blackberries.

Heading back home I saw a SPARROWHAWK up hunting.

Later in the morning a visit to the reservoir at Bough Beech was very enjoyable, the water was teeming with wildfowl, there were MALLARDS, MOORHENS, COOTS, TUFTED DUCK, SHOVELERS, WIGEON, POCHARD and over 100 TEAL, plus GADWALL, MANDARIN, LITTLE GREBE, GREAT CRESTED GREBE, and 3 male GOOSANDER. LITTLE EGRET and GREAT WHITE EGRET were also seen, as well as probably 2 KINGFISHERS and a SNIPE. Around 50 LAPWING moved nervously around the reservoir edge, where over 100 GREYLAG GEESE, a few CORMORANT and half a dozen GREY HERON were also found, a BUZZARD flew in and alighted at the top of a tree, which scattered virtually ever bird from the small lake. A good winter days birding  :-)

The light was poor and the subjects distant, but I did take a couple of photo's..................

Common Snipe

Great White Egret

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

This morning, low cloud and drizzle made for a very murky, dull and damp patch visit, as the day went on conditions deteriorated further, with visibility down to 100 meters.

My early morning visit to the lakes was at least rewarded with the sighting of 4 GOOSANDER on the main lake, 2 males and 2 females, also there was a CORMORANT with them.

The adjacent Scrubby Woods had water cascading of the trees, making for a very unpleasant walk through it, very little was noted, a few GOLDCRESTS and BULLFINCHES, a TREECREEPER and a COAL TIT were the best of it.

I was pretty dire out on the farmland, the 250-300 STARLINGS and 60-70 ROOKS were out on the sheep pasture at Migrant Alley and 8 BLACK HEADED GULLS were on one of the paddocks. Not a single flyover was recorded today, not surprisingly though, as the mist and drizzle made for very limited visibility.............. where's the winter weather this year ?