Wednesday, 4 March 2015

An early slight frost led on to clear skies for most of this morning and some warm sunshine was enjoyed, although there was a bit of a chilly westerly breeze still blowing.

I carried out a full patch walk today, the four and a half hour trek producing 44 species, a shade over what I would expect for early March.

Just one more species was added to the months list, the Greenhouse Copse finally giving me the first LITTLE OWL (56) sighting for March. Two raptor species were encountered, the female KESTREL at the Greenhouse Grounds and a pair of BUZZARDS soaring over the Ashes Lane Fields.

Winter thrushes were still in evidence, with a flock of FIELDFARE at the bean fields off High House Lane, there were 140 minimum, with just a few REDWING scattered among them. The BLACK HEADED GULLS were back on the sheep pasture at Migrant Alley, with them was the single COMMON GULL, but I didn't find a med Gull today, I noted the sheep and their lambs had been unleashed onto the fields, everything and anything green will be eaten by them  :-(

Over on the lakes I was surprised to find the Mute Swans had gone off somewhere, hopefully they will be back soon, 4 CANADA GEESE and a GREYLAG GOOSE were visiting though, and the COOT pair remain.

NUTHATCH, TREECREEPER, COAL TIT, GOLDCREST, JAY, STOCK DOVE, GREEN and GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKERS were the pick of the species seen in the Wet Woods / scrubby Woods, no Long Tailed Tits were seen though, that is until I got home and found a pair at my garden feeders  :-)

Not much was seen flying over, just SKYLARK, YELLOWHAMMER and HERRING GULLS of note.

Long Tailed Tit at my feeders today

This WREN was singing loudly on its territory


Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Early rain cleared by 07:15hrs, leaving another bright and blustery day.

I had a 4 hour patch visit today, I wasn't expecting to add much to the months list, except maybe for the Little Owl, which as it happened I didn't, but I did surprisingly add another 4 species to the March tally.

The first of those was LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL (52) two of which flew over the Scrubby Woods whilst I was there listening to the COAL TIT and GOLDCREST singing. The other 3 additions came as I was scanning through the 150 or so BLACK HEADED GULLS on the sheep pasture at Migrant Alley, a COMMON GULL was picked out, but then better than that, 3 MEDITERRANEAN GULLS (53) were also picked out, one of which was in full breeding plumage, a stunning bird ! This brought up the 5th Gull species for the day, as HERRING GULL was already seen flying over earlier in the visit, 5 Gull species in the same visit is quite something for my patch!

Mediterranean Gull, A very distant effort, but worth seeing even cropped this heavily  :-)

This one was not quite in full breeding plumage, but was 5 meters nearer  :-)

As I sat watching over the gull flock on the sheep pasture, I saw a LITTLE EGRET (54) come low over the field, then drop down into an adjacent large garden, when seconds later it flew up again, as the gardener was there! I watched the Egret float over to the Ashes lane Field and alight by the small run off pool that is there, another good patch bird, the second record this year.

I continued to watch the sky, and was surprised to hear the call of a TAWNY OWL (55), which seemed to came from a row of dense leylandi situated in another of the nearby large gardens, I had watched a throng of small birds ''alarming'' around these trees the other morning, but thought it was probably a Magpie they were annoyed at, now I now what it actually was!

A YELLOWHAMMER, 3 single MEADOW PIPITS, 15 FIELDFARE and 4 REDWING were also seen flying over during my sky watch, and as I walked home a COMMON BUZZARD was soaring low over the Greenhouses.